About Us

Who are we?

Held was founded in 2018 in Amsterdam, but the roots of the company were set years before. The interest in alternative medication and medical cannabis started 15 years ago. A tragic incident in private fashion became the catalyst to found Held. After assembling a team of experts (a cannabis consultant, master grower, herbalist, marketing specialist, graphic designer, IT specialist), Held was born with the mission and confidence to help others.

What does Held mean?

Held means hero in Dutch and German. The working of CBD and medical cannabis has been a hero for so many. For us personally as well.

What makes Held unique?

It all starts by traveling all over Europe in search for the best farmers willing to grow our ''own'' hemp. Our ''own'' hemp is what we believe hemp should be in order to deliver high quality premium CBD extracts. The flowers are grown by European farmers according to Held standards. Our in-house growers and the farmers collaborate to deliver the most consistent quality of flowers over and over again. 

The next step is the extraction process: Held CBD oils are being extracted with the most sophisticated extraction methods by our partners, with a result of our organic amber coloured oil. Our oils are being bottled under supervision of Held according to Dutch Health regulations (HACCP). After being lab tested by the laboratory, our oils are tested again by a third-party laboratory, just to make sure.



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