How to take CBD?

How to take CBD?

How to take Cannabidiol (CBD)?

Since the product is so new and niche there is a lot questions regarding CBD products. People wonder about its safety, confuse it with drugs, are afraid to use before driving and have no clue how to use it. So, lets start clarifying the ways of taking CBD.

The four ways of taking Cannabidiol.

  1. Taking it sublingual (under the tongue)
  2. Rubbing on your skin
  3. Vaping or smoking
  4. Ingesting through edibles

At Held CBD we do not believe in vaping cannabidiol, because e-liquids contains PG (Propylene Glycol) and VG (Vegetable Glycerine). PG and VG is known to be used in shampoo and soap. Therefore we do not recommend to inhale these substances  into your lungs. Better yet, we firmly oppose any kind of combustion into your lungs, including smoking CBD flowers.

Therefore we will skip this part and directly explain the first option; taking CBD sublingual


  1. Taking CBD sublingual

Taking CBD under the tongue is the easiest and safest way. However dosing could take some time and practice. Therefore it is advised to start with one drop at a time, two times a day and build up if necessary.

But how to know how much cannabidiol  is actually inside a drop? The dose of one drop can be calculated by dividing the total amount of drops per bottle by the total dosage of milligrams of cannabidiol. For example: one bottle of 10 ml contains approximately 200 drops. The total dosage of a bottle of a 5% cbd oil  contains 500 mg of Cannabidiol. The dosage of one drop is: 500 divided by 200 is 2,5 mg Cannabidiol (CBD) per drop.

This calculation is the same for higher dosages of CBD oils. For example: one bottle of 10 ml of a 10% contains 1000 mg of cannabidiol. The dosage of one drop is: 1000 divided by 200 is 5 mg cannabidiol (CBD) per drop. Basically two drops of 5% (500 mg) CBD oil is equal to one drop of 10%.

Now we have to determine how many milligrams of cannabidiol (CBD) we need to take to get some results. The intake of CBD varies for every person. The average dose per day for a beginner is recommended between 2 to 5 mg per day, depending on age and body weight. So a beginner should take two drops of 500 mg (5%)  or one drop of 1000 mg (10%) twice a day. It is recommended to take cbd consistently  for at least one month and assess after. Are you not getting the results you want, then build up slowly. It is highly recommended not to exceed the daily limit of 20 mg of CBD per day.


  1. Rubbing on your skin

Using CBD (cannabidiol) topically is the new trend in CBD world. More and more CBD creams and balms are being launched on the market to be applied on the skin for skin problems such as acne and aging problems. Research have established that acne is an inflammatory condition and hemp contains anti-inflammatory properties and therefore good for the skin.

How to apply CBD on your skin?

Well the answer is very simple; smear the cream or balm as you would smear on your skin as any other cream or balm. It is advised to use the balm consistently until results are shown. If the results are not being shown, you might need to use higher dosage creams or balms. Always consult with your physician in doubt or unusual effects.

Tip: take pictures daily to keep track of the progress.


  1. Ingesting through edibles

Ingesting through edibles has been popular then ever before.  CBD edibles are sweets, like candy, chocolates, cakes or fruits infused with CBD to ease the experience of consuming CBD. Besides the health advantages of using CBD edibles , other advantages are the convenience and discretion when consuming CBD edibles.

Some brands offer edibles who contains THC (tetrahydrocannabinol). THC is the pyscho-active compound found in cannabis which is illegal in most countries.  Always check your countries regulations before purchasing edibles with THC.



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